Commercial properties appreciate the high level of service & dependability that Wade Landscaping provides. Accounts are grouped by geographical location & property type so that every property receives the attention that it deserves. Snow accumulation is constantly monitored and properties are maintained to the highest industry standard. Ice management services combined with plowing insure properties will stay as clean as possible. Weather forecasts are closely monitored. Wade Landscaping is available 24/7 and will gladly perform special requests within a timely manner.

24/7 Availability
De-icing / Anti-icing / Magic Salt
Clearing of sidewalks included with Parking Lot Contract
Free install of parking lot markers
Free repair to lawn if Wade Landscaping creates any excessive damage
30 day billing cycle
Walkway Crews Available for commercial properties without onsite parking
Snow Stacking & Removal From Site Available 

Seasonal, Per Push, or Hourly Pricing Options
Wade Landscaping will work with you to determine:

Primary and secondary clearing areas.
Where should the snow be stockpiled?
Where should material and equipment be stored?
What de-icing products are to be used?
Critical MUST BE CLEAR times.


24/7 Availability
Salting as an option
Sidewalks shoveled as an option
Free install of driveway markers
Free repair to lawn if Wade Landscaping creates any excessive damage
Seasonal or Per Trip billing, Discount for seasonal pre-payment

Seasonal or Per Push Pricing Option

Wade Landscaping will do one-time or on-call basis plow jobs, starting at $35 and assumes no liability for unseen objects.

"Specializing in Old Fashioned Customer Service"